Eco Air, LLC provides innovative system solutions for building automation, building management, room automation and energy management. We use technology which has successfully provided energy savings for more than 35 years. Our name is our commitment and our mission is more relevant than ever before. Buildings being automated by Eco Air, LLC is not only economically optimized but also reduces CO2 emissions for increased sustainability and a better future. 


We partner with you to become your outsourced Energy design and implementation team. By taking on the logistic and operational elements of a project, we free you to focus on building your business.


  • We are manufacturer agnostic and only care about matching your business with the best Energy product for each Energy application
  • We offer Energy as a Service, just like your internet or phone
  • We believe in educating you about the different technologies and products as well as what makes one product better than another
  • We handle the entire process from engineering to design through installation and warranty servicing
  • We specialize in Energy control systems to maximize your savings and improve your productivity
  • We have direct relationships with manufactures to ensure you get the best pricing
  • We pride ourselves in working with US manufactured products, ensuring the highest quality Energy experience for our clients



We understand that some clients are hesitant to upgrade their Energy system due to budgetary constraints. Energy as a Service is a program where we install an entirely new Energy system and you simply pay a monthly fee, just like your phone or internet service. It’s our equipment and we maintain it. You are guaranteed to pay less for your Energy than you do now!

  • We install our equipment at zero capital expenditure to you
  • We maintain your systems throughout the life of the contract
  • Simple monthly fixed payments just like your phone or internet
  • Measured savings starting the day our installation is complete

Eco Air’s Efficiency as a Service is the energy efficiency solution you’ve been looking for.  Benefits include:

  • No upfront capital investment
  • Increased cash-flow
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Increased business intelligence/data
  • Improved working conditions
  • Reduced carbon emissions

Since Eco Air’s financing partners fund the program and own the energy savings assets, you have absolutely no capital expense – and none of the hassles and worries that come from equipment ownership. 

Your guaranteed energy savings are calculated using agreed-upon measurement and verification protocols.  With Eco Air’s EaaS program, a portion of those savings are simply charged back to you each month as an operating expense.

Eco Air is offering a truly turn-key Efficiency as a Service solution.  We combine unparalleled financial, engineering, construction, and measurement/verification expertise into our EaaS platform. And, since we are neither a bank nor a manufacturer – our only obligation is delivering the most effective energy solutions for your company.  The result?

  • Single point of integration
  • Unbiased technical consulting
  • Reduced timeline for program development and implementation/faster energy savings
  • Ongoing technical support, monitoring, reporting, and verification